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River Valley Community Bancorp

Investor Relations

River Valley Community Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of River Valley Community Bancorp. River Valley Community Bancorp's Stock Ticker Symbol is RVCB. You can view stock information at the OTC Markets -

Stock Transfer Agent


Shareholder Correspondence

P. O. Box 43006

Providence, RI 02940-3006


Overnight Correspondence

150 Royall Street, Suite 101

Canton, MA 02021

For lost certificates, address changes, or retitling of stock call:

Computershare Customer Service: 1-800-368-5948
Technical Help Desk: 1-800-942-5909

Market Makers

For information regarding buying or selling our stock, please contact John M. Jelavich, President and CEO at (530) 821-2469 or email us at .

Financial News and Press Releases

04/16/2024- RVCB Releases 1st Q 2024 Financial Results
03/13/2024- RVCB Profiled as an "Exceptional Bank" by The Findley Companies
01/16/2024- RVCB Releases 4th Q 2023 Financial Results
01/09/2023- RVCB Announces Director Retirement
10/17/2023- RVCB Releases 3rd Q 2023 Financial Results
07/18/2023- RVCB Releases 2nd Q 2023 Financial Results & Opens Roseville Loan Production Office
04/18/2023- RVCB Releases 1st Q 2023 Financial Results
01/17/2023- RVCB Releases 4th Q 2022 Financial Results
12/14/2022- River Valley Community Bancorp Appoints Liesl Schmidt as Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer
10/18/2022- RVCB Releases 3rd Q 2022 Financial Results
08/09/2022- RVCB Announces Promotion of Phil Tissier to Vice President/Commercial Loan Officer
07/19/2022- RVCB Releases 2nd Q 2022 Financial Results
04/19/2022- RVCB Releases 1st Q 2022 Financial Results
01/25/2022- IRS Form 8937 for 2021 5-for-4 Stock Split
01/18/2022- RVCB Releases 4th Q 2021 Financial Results & Opens Reno, Nevada Loan Production Office
10/19/2021- RVCB Releases 3rd Q 2021 Financial Results & 5-for-4 Stock Split
07/20/2021- RVCB Releases 2nd Q 2021 Financial Results
06/08/2021- RVCB Appoints Kevin Reynolds Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
04/20/2021- RVCB Releases 1st Q 2021 Financial Results
01/19/2021- RVCB Releases 4th Q 2020 Financial Results
10/20/2020- RVCB Releases 3rd Q 2020 Financial Results
08/04/2020- RVCB announces opening of Marysville branch and hiring of Rosemary Daoust
07/21/2020- RVCB Releases 2nd Q 2020 Financial Results
04/21/2020- RVCB Releases 1st Q 2020 Financial Results
01/21/2020- RVCB Releases 4th Q 2019 Financial Results
11/19/2019- River Valley Community Bancorp Announces Marysville Branch
10/15/2019- RVCB Releases 3rd Q 2019 Financial Results
10/09/2019- RVCB Announces the Retirement of CCO Douglas R Marr and the Promotion of Lucas C Parnell
07/16/2019- RVCB Releases 2nd Q 2019 Financial Results
04/24/2019- RVCB Releases 1st Q 2019 Financial Results
01/15/2019- RVCB Releases 4th Q 2018 Financial Results
01/02/2019- RVCB Appoints John M. Jelavich to Director
10/16/2018- RVCB Releases 3rd Q 2018 Financial Results
07/17/2018- RVCB Releases 2nd Q 2018 Financial Results
06/26/2018- RVCB Re-Hires Mike Vasquez for Temporary Assignment
06/19/2018- RVCB Announces Auburn Branch Opening
04/17/2018- RVCB Releases 1st Q 2018 Financial Results
02/06/2018- RVCB Hires Luke Parnell - SVP, Regional Lending & Credit Officer
01/17/2018- RVCB Releases 4th Q 2017 Financial Results
12/19/2017- RVCB Announces Share Repurchase Plan
10/17/2017- RVCB Releases 3rd Q 2017 Financial Results
07/18/2017- RVCB Releases 2nd Q 2017 Financial Results
07/14/2017- IRS Form 8937 for 2017 Bancorp Holding Company
06/30/2017- RVCB Announces Holding Company Approval
06/01/2017- RVCB Announces Change to Board of Directors
05/16/2017- RVCB Shareholder Meeting Presentation
04/18/2017- RVCB Releases 1st Q 2017 Financial Results
03/24/2017- RVCB Earns Superior Ratings
02/21/2017- RVCB to Form Bank Holding Company
01/17/2017- RVCB Releases 4th Q 2016 Financial Results
10/18/2016- RVCB Releases 3rd Q 2016 Financial Results
09/28/2016- RVCB Hires Vice President/Controller
07/19/2016- RVCB Releases 2nd Q 2016 Financial Results
05/17/2016- RVCB Appoints New Board Chair
04/20/2016- RVCB Releases 1st Q 2016 Financial Results
03/25/2016- RVCB Earns Superior Ratings
01/22/2016- RVCB Appoints Michael Finn Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
01/20/2016- RVCB Releases 4th Q 2015 Financial Results
12/17/2015- IRS Form 8937 for 2015 Common Stock Split
10/14/2015- RVCB Releases 3rd Q 2015 Financial Results
07/14/2015- RVCB Releases 2nd Q 2015 Financial Results
04/16/2015- RVCB Releases 1st Q 2015 Financial Results
02/12/2015- RVCB Promotes Vice President of Operations
01/14/2015- RVCB Releases 4th Q 2014 Financial Results
10/16/2014- RVCB Releases 3rd Q 2014 Financial Results
7/15/2014- RVCB Releases 2nd Q 2014 Financial Results
4/15/2014- RVCB Releases 1st Q 2014 Financial Result; Declares Special Cash Dividend
3/24/2014- RVCB CEO, John I. Jelavich to Retire In April
1/21/2014- River Valley Community Bank Releases 4th Q 2013 Financial Results
12/31/2013- RVCB Appoints President & Chief Operating Officer
12/23/2013- River Valley Community Bank Appoints Joe M. Griggs, Director
10/21/2013-River Valley Community Bank Releases 3rd Q 2013 Financial Results
7/17/2013-River Valley Community Bank Releases 2nd Q 2013 Financial Results
4/12/2013-River Valley Community Bank Releases 1st Q 2013 Financial Results
4/9/2013-River Valley Community Bank Recognized As One Of California's Best
1/15/2013-River Valley Community Bank Releases 4th Q 2012 Financial Results
11/20/2012-River Valley Community Bank Declares Special Cash Dividend
10/10/2012 -River Valley Community Bank Releases 3rd Q 2012 Financial Results
7/11/2012 - River Valley Community Bank Releases 2nd Q 2012 Financial Results
4/16/2012 - River Valley Community Bank Releases 1st Q 2012 Financial Results
1/17/2012 - River Valley Community Bank Releases 4th Q 2011 Financial Results
10/13/2011 - River Valley Community Bank Releases 3rd Q 2011 Financial Results